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By |2023-12-01T17:33:45-05:00November 9th, 2023|

If you sat in the quiet and asked yourself what your greatest fear is, after the long silence and pause, in the distance far beyond control or reach, it would be the word change. You see change happening around you, above you, below you, outside of you, and most importantly, in you. Change does not [...]

Root Beer Floats

By |2023-12-01T17:33:21-05:00November 9th, 2023|

November 7, 2009 at 3:13pm Dust falls into the familiar water As I let her go free to a place of great memories Summers of swimming riding in the boat across the lake the reward of the best root beer float awaits you on the other side of the water you can taste the sweet [...]


By |2023-12-01T17:32:37-05:00November 9th, 2023|

Waiting by the water’s edge Staring at the reflection of my life Wondering if my dreams have been the cause of the ripples in the surface Struggling to find the peace that comes with acceptance I see the shallows and the deep at the same point in time My reflection is not what it seems [...]

Jennifer K.

By |2023-12-01T17:26:19-05:00August 10th, 2022|

It was the summer of 2019 that we received the long awaited teacher assignments in the mail. I remember my son Joey’s excitement when he opened the letter and saw Mr. Bertsch’s name listed on the letter. We had heard many great things about Mr. Bertsch and his teaching style, but could not wait to see [...]


By |2023-12-01T17:25:44-05:00August 10th, 2022|

I worked as a paraprofessional with Mr. Bertsch during Covid while being remote. I just want to say that he is a fantastic teacher. The growth I saw in students that year was tremendous. Even being remote he was able to engage with students and get them excited about learning. He is the kind of teacher [...]


By |2023-12-01T17:25:01-05:00July 27th, 2022|

I had Mr. Bertsch when I was in first grade.  He always kept the class environment creative and uplifting.  He often did things to make learning fun for all students and always kept our attention.  One of my favorite memories of his classroom was that he had a puppet named Mr. Einstein that told us [...]

Mrs. Julie Markiewicz

By |2023-12-01T17:24:38-05:00July 27th, 2022|

As  I write this, I have a big smile on my face. I am remembering my days of volunteering in the classroom of Mr. Gregory Bertsch’s first grade class. I had retired from working as a secretary at our local middle school. Before that, I had spent 16 years at the elementary school where Mr. [...]

Amanda Lipson

By |2023-12-01T17:23:07-05:00July 27th, 2022|

“My son was in Mr. Bertsch’s first grade classroom and I worked as a substitute teacher for many years at the same school. Mr. Bertsch has one of the most thorough understandings of social emotional teaching that I have witnessed. He is able to connect with students as people, not just as students. His teachings [...]


By |2023-12-01T17:22:05-05:00July 27th, 2022|

Mr. Bertsch, My favorite thing about you is the way you handle things. You are kind and patient, two major qualities we all need a little more of in this world. You not only teach math and reading but you also teach about life, feelings and positivity and so much more. I’m a big fan [...]

Rodriguez Family

By |2023-12-01T17:21:19-05:00July 27th, 2022|

Mr. Bertsch, Thank you so much for helping us with the kids. Thank you for all the wisdom you shared with the kids. Thank you so much for all the advices you gave me. My family and I appreciate all your hard work. Enjoy the summer! Namaste, From the Rodriguez Family

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