By Gerry LeBlanc

Posted: November 9, 2023

Waiting by the water’s edge
Staring at the reflection of my life
Wondering if my dreams have been the cause of the ripples in the surface
Struggling to find the peace that comes with acceptance
I see the shallows and the deep at the same point in time
My reflection is not what it seems
Fortune wanes in a span of time
Good or Bad just a point of view
Depending on what we seek
We find what has been lost or spend eternity searching for what it is we yearn for in the first place
Destiny holds no boundaries
Dreams are not confined to my current place of residence
I live in the space that my imagination rents to my conscience
Bound by honesty
Lifted by visions of the river that carries my stream of thoughts
Carefully over the rocks and boulders
I let go into the mystic flow of time and place
The tree of growth keeps routes in the ground
The branches reach for the light and are only disappointed by cloudy days
When the clouds dissipate into mist during the morning sun
My soul lifted by what lies ahead
My dreams are the compass of a path that walks ahead of me
My heart the beat of new possibilities for the future which may come
My mind the architect of new plans and keeper of distant memories
My hands the creator of what lays before me
My eyes the receptors of beauty and light that adorn the way
And my Life that means what it was meant to be from the beginning
A single strand in a giant piece of fabric that connects everything
Vibrating from the source of us all