Remote Elementary Reading Tutor

One-on-one and small group instruction offered

Learning to read should be engaging and fun while following your child’s interests. One to one reading instruction can help your child catch up a whole grade level in as little as two months.

Remote Elementary Reading Tutor

Learning to read should be engaging and fun while following your child’s interests. One to one reading instruction can help your child catch up a whole grade level in as little as two months.

“Like ripples radiating across the surface of a pond when a pebble is tossed in, kindness is powerful and has far-reaching, positive ramifications that bring about a tremendous sense of joy.”
― Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Introducing a Revolutionary Reading Solution for Your Child’s Success!

Do you see your child struggling with reading?

Are you worried that they’re falling behind their peers, despite their intelligence and potential?

As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to witness your child’s frustration and embarrassment when they compare themselves to others at school or their siblings at home. Reading has become a chore, leaving your child feeling inadequate and defeated. It’s taking a toll on their self-esteem and engagement in learning, affecting every aspect of their young lives.

You’re not alone in this journey.

Many parents like you are meeting with teachers, attending 504 meetings, and feeling like something is wrong with their child. You’re eager to help, trying to support them at home. However, sometimes you’re faced with books that are simply too difficult, causing your child to retreat further into their shell. After spending 6-7 hours at school, they come home exhausted, craving fun and relaxation.

The disheartening news that your child is below grade level or ranks in the bottom 10 or 20% of the class only adds to your worries. Your child hears their peers reading fluently, and their self-esteem takes another blow. Kids can be cruel, and it’s no wonder your child starts believing, “I’m not smart, I’ll never get this, and I can’t do it.” They’re frustrated with themselves and feel like everyone is losing patience with them. They even question why reading matters at all.

As a parent, you begin to question yourself, wondering if there’s something wrong with your child. The desire to help them becomes a desperate plea. You long for your child to not only enjoy reading but also excel at it. You want to provide the support they need, to nurture their love for books and learning. But the frustration and anxiety keep building up, affecting both you and your child.

I understand these fears and concerns. That’s why I’ve developed an innovative reading solution that addresses the specific needs of struggling young readers. My program goes beyond conventional methods, tailored to help your child thrive and regain their confidence. I believe that every child deserves a chance to be happy, well-adjusted, and eager to learn.

Imagine a future where your child embraces reading with enthusiasm, where they are fully engaged in their educational journey and have the freedom to choose where their path take them.

Happy Family Reading

My program is designed to turn this dream into a reality. I provide a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages your child to discover the joy of reading, without feeling left behind or inadequate.

Say goodbye to the anxiety and fears that have been weighing you down. My program aims to dispel any concerns about your child’s abilities or future prospects. I believe that with the right guidance and support, every child can reach their full potential. Whether it’s pursuing higher education or finding success in their chosen field, I’m here to ensure your child has every opportunity to thrive.

Hi, I’m Greg Bertsch, a licensed reading specialist, and remote tutor, and I am here to help tutor your child

As an experienced reading specialist and the driving force behind Kindness Ripples Reading Tutoring, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on your child’s reading journey. I am proud to have been recognized with the esteemed 2017 Grinspoon Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Awards, which underscores my commitment to delivering exceptional educational experiences.

At Kindness Ripples Reading Tutoring, I believe in the power of personalized attention and tailored instruction. When you choose Kindness Ripples, you gain direct access to me, ensuring that your child receives individualized support every step of the way. I am here to listen, understand, and develop strategies that address your child’s unique needs.

I understand that struggling readers often face emotional challenges, and I approach each student with kindness, empathy, and patience. My goal is to rebuild your child’s self-esteem, instill confidence, and make reading an enjoyable and empowering experience.

Using evidence-based strategies and a deep understanding of reading instruction, I will work closely with your child to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Join me on this transformative journey towards your child’s happiness and success. Together, let’s empower them to embrace reading, enjoy school, and discover their true potential. Because when your child is engaged, confident, and thriving, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t let reading struggles hold your child back.

Take the first step towards a brighter future today.  Fill out this FREE assessment form and tell me what your child is struggling with and I will personally get back to you within 24 hours so we can solve this together.


I’ll meet your child where they are and support them to grow from there.


The greatest joy of learning is the moment of discovery and wonderment.


Each child grows at their own pace and with the right support, they are sure to succeed.


I’m a skilled teacher who prepares students for the next phase of learning and advancement.

Dr. Christine Woodcock
“With an advanced degree in literacy, Greg is able to support students in ways that foster their on-going independence in reading and writing, in ways that infuse the entire curriculum.
I have often said to him, I wish you could be my daughter’s teacher.
If you want a transformative, creative, socially-just teacher for your child, your will love Greg Bertsch.”








What Parents and Students Say:

  • It was the summer of 2019 that we received the long awaited teacher assignments in the mail. I remember my son Joey’s excitement when he opened the letter and saw Mr. Bertsch’s name listed on the letter. We had heard many great things about Mr. Bertsch and his teaching style, but could not wait to see for ourselves!

    Well, were we in for a treat! Mr. Bertsch exceeded all of our expectations and more. Not only did he teach our students the “basics” of 1 st grade, but he taught them about compassion, understanding, and talking things out with their peers. He taught these things in many forms, but the one way that has stuck with Joey is Mr. Bertsch’s love of music. He would incorporate music daily, with songs, poems, and just easy humming techniques. This was such a nice break from the “norm” and the kids truly enjoyed it and could not be more in tune to him.

    Unfortunately our year with Mr. Bertsch was cut short due to the pandemic. We were devastated that we would no longer have in person learning with Mr. Bertsch, but to no avail he made remote learning just as exciting as in person! The learning, the singing, the games, the communication, it NEVER wavered just because we were behind a screen. It is very fitting that his new venture is called Kindness Ripples. If you don’t know the meaning of it yet, just wait, you are in for a special treat. Joey still spreads ripples daily and is always reminded of Mr. Bertsch when he does so. We are so grateful for the lifelong impact Mr. Bertsch has on Joey, its educators like him that don’t around too often.

    Jennifer K.

Trusted Remote Tutoring Platforms

All students will have access to a number of incredible learning platforms with robust content. Family memberships would normally cost well over $100 per month but are included when your child is enrolled in any of my classrooms.

Helpful Online Learning resourses for Parents

Reading Rockets

It’s not an easy thing, learning to read and write. Discover what it takes to build important literacy skills, and how you can help your children grow as readers, writers, and thinkers!


Epic is a digital reading platform that provides online books from a variety of different publishers, plus Epic Originals- books created by the Epic team. Teachers can track student progress, monitor the time they’ve spent reading, and find something to interest readers at any level.

Florida Center for Reading Research

Dedicated to ensuring that all children are reading and succeeding in school. Activities linked below are designed for students to practice, demonstrate, and extend their learning of what has already been taught, sometimes with teacher assistance and sometimes independently. Students can complete the activities in small groups, pairs, or individually.
K – 1st activities,   2nd – 3rd activities,   4th – 5th activities

Shanahan on Reading

Timothy Shanahan is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chi­cago where he was Founding Di­rector of the UIC Center for Literacy. Previously, he was director of reading for the Chicago Public Schools. He is author/editor of more than 200 publications on literacy education. His research emphasizes the connections between reading and writing, literacy in the disciplines, and improvement of reading achievement.

Tumble Book Library

Tumblebooks offers animated and non-animated storybooks, read-along chapter books, graphic novels, and videos that cover core curriculum standards. It also offers instructions and many books in French and Spanish for ELL support.


PebbleGo provides nonfiction resources for students grade K-3. Students can study a variety of topics, including science, social studies, biographies, and even dinosaurs! The articles can be read aloud to help struggling readers with comprehension and extra fluency practice.

Raz Plus

A comprehensive blended learning platform that includes the curricular support teachers need and the personalized resources necessary to improve students’ reading skills. With more than 50,000 resources that include more than 3,000 leveled books and readers available in multiple formats, Raz-Plus makes it easier than ever before to strengthen the connection between what is being taught and what students are practicing.

Story Online

A collection of read-alouds done by members of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Students can listen to stories read by celebrities such as Oprah, Kristen Bell, Betty White, Kevin Costner, and Chris Pine (just to name a few!). The readings are paired with beautiful animations from the books and activity guides to help guide class discussions and provide follow-up.


Another site for younger students that provides phonics practice as a basis for helping students become better readers. Activities, songs, and games are designed to help reinforce letter sounds, phonemic awareness, and word recognition.

LucyMax English

LucyMax English helps children speak, read and understand English.  Barbara is the teacher who leads LucyMax lessons.  She has been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years.  Your child will have fun learning with Barbara.  Some features of LucyMax video lessons include word study, short stories and quizzes.


Animated storybooks from Vooks draw students in, while the library of lesson plans, discussion questions, and student activities will make any teacher’s heart happy. Right now, teachers can get a year free!


A site filled with audiobooks, including picture books and chapter books for older readers. Transcripts of the audio are provided, along with pictures of the books, so students can read along as they listen to stories from around the world.

Oxford Owl

With a library of activities and resources for every stage of the learning journey, curated by the team at Oxford University Press, we are here with inspiration to help your little ones learn, grow and flourish at home, in the classroom and beyond.

William Van Cleave

W.V.C.ED is committed to the professional development of educators across the country and around the globe. Teachers can be transformed by a deep knowledge of the English language. The team at W.V.C.ED provides effective and engaging training and materials to build teacher knowledge of content and best teaching practices to better reach their students.


At Duckster’s our goal is to provide a fun and educational website with lots of interesting content. We try to write articles that are informative, easy to read, and interesting. We hope to provide an informative place for people to learn, explore, and use the internet for research while having fun.

International Children’s Digital Library

This online library provides books from a wide variety of cultures and languages. You can search their catalog of books by shape, genre, format, and other options, and books are able to be downloaded as  PDFs.




A treasure trove of learning games that cover a variety of subjects across grade levels Pre-K through 6. A large library of games and online storybooks is available, though there is a small cost per month for premium access.




Designed for the youngest readers, StoryPlace provides activities, simple story videos, and advice for parents as they help lay a foundation for literacy skills in their children. The site also includes songs and activities to fit the different themes.



Khan Academy

Students can read books, do coloring pages and activities, and follow a personalized learning plan to further reading success. They practice basic literacy skills and math, while also building creativity.



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