We will cover phonemic awareness, phonics, word work, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. We will use Raz Kids A-Zreading and Epic Books.


We will utilize The Six Traits of Writing as well as Empowering Writers and cover spelling, sentence structure, ideas, organization, word choice, and voice. We will cover opinion, expository/informative, research, narrative, and book analysis as well as poetry and story writing.

One of my amazing students

Autumn has worked with me for the past three years.  Here she is reading her own poetry.

  • I worked as a paraprofessional with Mr. Bertsch during Covid while being remote. I just want to say that he is a fantastic teacher. The growth I saw in students that year was tremendous. Even being remote he was able to engage with students and get them excited about learning. He is the kind of teacher I would want for my daughter to have. He makes learning fun, the way it should be.


Materials Checklist

These links go to Amazon for your convenience.  I have researched these items and have found that they are consistently up to the task for homeschooling and online learning.

  • Dry Erase Board and Markers


  • Letter Magnets – Big Box

  • Lined Notebooks 1 each for: math, writing, words, handwriting

  • Pencils

  • Crayons

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