Grade 1

Activity #8
Remote Learning Phonological Awareness


Students will learn how to segment and blend short vowel CVC words using phonological skills.

Specific Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn how to demonstrate phonological awareness
  • Students will learn how to apply phonetic knowledge.
  • Students will be able to segment and blend short vowel CVC words.
  • Students will learn how to decode short a words.

Introduction/ Hook:

Prior to starting the lesson we will watch a video on the short a sound. We will talk about words we might know that have the sound of short a in the middle and make a list of them. During the Zoom meeting I will ask students to go find something in their house that has a short a sound in the middle. (ie: cat, bat, mat)

Day 1

I will use the MyView online to show students page 14 in their workbooks that they will have at home. I will point to the picture of the cat in the student interactive and tell them to watch and listen. As I say each sound in the word cat I will hold up three fingers, one for each sound and repeat several times. We will then repeat the same activity with the pictures hat and fan. I will then say “Each picture name has different sounds. What do you hear in the middle of each picture name?” We will practice together as I say “Listen carefully as I say the sounds in pad. /p/a/d/.” I will extend the pronunciation of the medial /a/ sound then have students on Zoom take turns saying /p/a/d/ and asking each time if they hear the middle of the word pad. Using Zoom dry erase board we will write down words after we practice each one using the following words; cab,sad, mad, tap. I will use this skill practice during small group Zoom sessions as well.

Day 2

Using the sound spelling card 1 (astronaut) I will introduce how to spell the short a sound. I will tell students that the sound /a/ at the beginning of astronaut is spelled a. I will model and practice by saying “This is a picture of an astronaut. Astronaut begins with the sound /a/. Listen /a/ (pause)  /a/ (pause)  /a/ (pause) astronaut. Say the sound with me. I will have everyone say it to me then ask “What sound does astronaut begin with?” I will point to the Aa at the top of the card and say, “The sound /a/ is called the short a and it is spelled with the letter a. What letter spells the short a sound? That’s right, the letter a.


Student’s workbook work pages 15/ 16. Students will show me work during small group Zoom meetings. I will also have students draw pictures of some short a words and have them label the pictures.

Appropriateness of Activities

The lesson presented was appropriate for this age group. It translated effectively online and gave good visual learning points to help students begin to practice blending and segmenting simple CVC words.

Correlation of Activities to the Seminar

This is a lesson I adapted from my classroom and will try online. It will translate well with additional video resources. The online portion of MyView is exactly the same type of lesson that was done in the Video conference.

Self Evaluation

This is one of the most important strategies to teach early on in first grade. This lesson works really well in breaking down the process of segmenting and blending. I would utilize more online games next time like Starfall to make the lesson more engaging.

By Gregory Bertsch M.Ed. –