By Gerry LeBlanc

Posted: November 9, 2023

November 7, 2009 at 3:02pm

We all stumble in life sometimes
Walking along we don’t see the obstacle in the way
We are so focused on the end of the sidewalk that we trip
Falling down to meet the ground
The place where our feet usually reside
Hope doesn’t live there
You cannot see the road when you don’t get up from a fall
Some people spend their whole life here on the ground
Never seeing the ocean or the sky
The trees are ghosts in the forest
Holding up the sky so it does not fall down
When you were a child you would climb the tree to see farther
Your sight, momentarily heightened with the beauty in the world
But there you are on the ground
Why is it so hard to make the decision to get up?
All it takes is the desire to go on
To dream your reality into the future you create
Why does life seem to knock you down when you least expect it?
Where does the desire to remain on the ground come from?
The answer to this question resides inside each one of us
It is different for each individual
One thing picks us up off the ground
It is that need to discover what it was that knocked us down to begin with
It seems that if you never have the lesson of loosing your balance
You can never become aware of the inner strength it takes to stand
Hope is not a four letter word
For that is what you must have to look underneath
It is there that solace can be discovered
The inner drive that makes us all the same
It gives us a reason to find beauty in things
Even when beauty is sleeping
Pay attention while you take your turn on the road
Look with better eyes
Hope finds you just in time
As you get back up again
Slowing your pace slightly
Notice the world that surrounds you
Enlightenment is that perfect moment
When you understand for a brief second where you are
In between heaven and earth
The sky above and the path below
Your feet guiding your way
Tripping sometimes
But you smile knowing for the moment you are standing