Dr. Christine Woodcock

By Gerry LeBlanc

Posted: July 27, 2022

Although I have been in teacher education for 20 years, and I have met many exceptional educators, Greg Bertsch has always stood out to me as one of the absolute best. I have often said to him, “I wish you could be my daughter’s teacher.” The beauty of Kindness Ripples is that now Greg can be that truly wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate teacher you want for your child. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Greg named his organization Kindness Ripples, because he has consistently lived his life and taught all of his lessons with that premise in mind. Greg Bertsch teaches in a way that illustrates how he wants to make a difference in this world, and he shows his students how to be empathetic and engaged in their approaches to academics, and to the globe. With an advanced degree in literacy, Greg is able to support students in ways that foster their on-going independence in reading and writing, in ways that infuse the entire curriculum. If you want a transformative, creative, socially-just teacher for your child, you will love Greg Bertsch.

Dr. Christine Woodcock,
Author of Uniting the Science of Reading and Balanced Literacy with Social Justice